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On the night of 25th July 2007, a strange luminous object was captured in digital camera by Moulana Ghousavi Shah.
On the full moon night of 25 Th July 2007 Moulana Ghousavi Shah was fascinated by the full moon appearing in between the Minaret and the Tomb of his house and started to take pictures of the full moon.
After downloading the pictures from the camera to his laptop he was surprised to see strange luminous object in the photo.
Upon taking closer look he was astonished to see the object resembling a fairy with beautiful face and wings.
The luminous object doesn’t seem to be the glare from the moon or the stars or like any familiar object or creature.
The pictures clearly resembles a fairy with beautiful face and wings.
This picture and the news were published in the local news paper. A copy of this picture is sent to discovery,NASA and other research organizations for further study.

For further details, questions or clarifications please contact.

Moulana Ghousavi Shah
Baith-un Noor
Fort View Colony
Upperpally Rajender Nagar Road
Hyderabad-48.A.P INDIA. Email : ,

Shah Mubashir Ahmed Shahed
Email : shahedshah@

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